Monday, December 2, 2013

The Wuffies Are Coming!! The Wuffies Are Coming!!

The first Wuffies stickers have been ordered and will arrive after December 13th! :D

And here is what they will look like!

In the end I overrode a couple of the winners as I just wasn't happy with the color scheme of the pack.  It was going away from what I had envisioned, but now I am very happy with their overall look!  Also I decided not to have a vote on the last Wuffie, the Alpha Female, and I chose her design for myself.  She's a lovely mate for Strider!

Once the stickers arrive I will be sending out the stickers to those that contributed to the crowd funding campaign, then these will be available for sale!  I will post them when they are available for purchase!

This is just the first step in the Wuffies series.  I am really getting creative with these guys and have more projects and merchandise in mind for them!  Stay tuned everyone, and thanks so much for your patience so far!


  1. I have to say I'm very disappointed that you changed many of the Wuffies. I liked practically all of the winners from the voting, but now I like almost none of them. I understand you had to do what made you happy, and what was important for the vision, but I'm afraid I don't understand why you even bothered having people voted. If you wanted bright and colorful Wuffies, why not have all the voting options as such? Or, no voting at all. I was not able to support the IndieGoGo campaign at the time, however, I was hoping to buy Wuffie things afterwards. Now, however, I don't think I will since I dislike these choices a lot. If I had been a supporter for the IndieGoGo and ended up receiving these Wuffies as my prize, I would have been /extremely/ upset and disappointed as they are not the ones that were previously voted on (which as I already mentioned, I rather liked). I'm not trying to speak for anyone who did support the IndieGoGo, and I'm aware my position is negligible having not supported it; I'm merely expressing my disappointment. I will keep an interested eye out in case you release other Wuffie options though, since I still do like the concept and overall idea.

  2. I love the final wuffies, dont think Stardancer won, but Im so glad to see her here! <3 I am, of course, biased!

  3. I rather enjoy the your bright color choices. They remind me of my childhood! And if any of the future Wuffies flaunt shades of green...I will be sold for life!!