Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Frost Paw Fixed!

Yay! Frost Paw is fixed and here a lot sooner than expected! Thanks Sticker Mule! Pretty much all back orders and IndieGoGo fulfillments are going out today with the exception of people I am still waiting to hear from, or that I need to do little doodles for. As always the Wuffies stickers are for sale on my website here: http://www.goldenwolfen.com/site/?page_id=335

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Oops!! How I missed this I have no idea. With all the revisions, proofs, and back-and-forth I did with the sticker company on this one I never once noticed that Frost Paw did not have her "Spirit Sign". XP I've re-ordered this sticker WITH her snowflake sign, but I won't get them until after December 23rd. If you have ordered Frost Paw, or were going to, please be advised that she is delayed!



The Wuffies stickers are finally, finally here!!  They arrived from Sticker Mule today and they look gorgeous!  YOU CAN ORDER YOURS HERE!!!
I literally have the stickers in-hand!
 I love the heavy, durable and smooth feel of these stickers!  I know you will love them too!

Here you can see them laid out on my production table.

All the Wuffies together as a pack!

I will be sending out the Indiegogo perk fulfillment's right away, and another huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed!  And thank you for your patience as well!  I hope you will enjoy the end results!


Thank you everyone!  I hope you look forward to having more fun with me on this and will help me further develop my Wuffies!

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Wuffies Are Coming!! The Wuffies Are Coming!!

The first Wuffies stickers have been ordered and will arrive after December 13th! :D

And here is what they will look like!

In the end I overrode a couple of the winners as I just wasn't happy with the color scheme of the pack.  It was going away from what I had envisioned, but now I am very happy with their overall look!  Also I decided not to have a vote on the last Wuffie, the Alpha Female, and I chose her design for myself.  She's a lovely mate for Strider!

Once the stickers arrive I will be sending out the stickers to those that contributed to the crowd funding campaign, then these will be available for sale!  I will post them when they are available for purchase!

This is just the first step in the Wuffies series.  I am really getting creative with these guys and have more projects and merchandise in mind for them!  Stay tuned everyone, and thanks so much for your patience so far!