Monday, May 20, 2013

No vote this week

I will be out of town at Phoenix Comic Con in Arizona this coming weekend so there will be no vote this week!  However when I return we will be voting on our sixth and final Wuffie, the alpha female!  I will also begin ordering the stickers when I get back and will post when they are available (finally) for sale!

Thanks everyone ^.^

Winner - Male #3!

And the winner is....


Second Place - Earth Song!

Third Place - Bright Howl!

Winner - Female #2!

And the winner is....


 Second Place - Starry!

Third Place - Autumn Fire!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Male #3 vote!

This will be the Song Keeper of the pack, our little howler!  Who shall it be???

Since the Poll widget here on Blogger seems to be malfunctioning, we will be doing this poll via comments.  Please vote for your favorite of this batch (just one) by commenting below!

Bright Howl

Frost Song

High Note

Earth Song

Song Heart

Thunder Cry
Green Leaf


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Female #2 RE-VOTE!!!

So it appears that the Blogger Widget I've been using to conduct the polls is not working right.  It seems to reset itself every few hours or so.  Because of that the results for Female #2 are inaccurate!

So if you will, please go to the post for Female #2 and leave a comment to vote on your favorite Wuffie for that pose!  One vote only!  Thanks.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Wuffies stickers project so far!  We won't make the goal, but I will still be receiving all of the contributions when the IndieGoGo campaign is over.  As of right now we have almost enough to get three of the Wuffies printed, but how about four of them?  Can we at least get $350 in contributions?  Yes we can!!  Right now there are six days left to contribute!  Please share this with others and see if we can garner a little more interest, and a little more money!  I'd like to at least get four of them printed, so please help us out by sharing and CONTRIBUTING!!! :D 


Monday, May 6, 2013

Female #2

This little female loves to run and frolic!  Who will she be?  This sticker will be 4" X 2".

Please vote on your favorite design for this Wuffie by leaving a comment below!

Autumn Fire


Blue Moon


Sea Breeze



Sun Runner