Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Frost Paw Fixed!

Yay! Frost Paw is fixed and here a lot sooner than expected! Thanks Sticker Mule! Pretty much all back orders and IndieGoGo fulfillments are going out today with the exception of people I am still waiting to hear from, or that I need to do little doodles for. As always the Wuffies stickers are for sale on my website here: http://www.goldenwolfen.com/site/?page_id=335

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Oops!! How I missed this I have no idea. With all the revisions, proofs, and back-and-forth I did with the sticker company on this one I never once noticed that Frost Paw did not have her "Spirit Sign". XP I've re-ordered this sticker WITH her snowflake sign, but I won't get them until after December 23rd. If you have ordered Frost Paw, or were going to, please be advised that she is delayed!



The Wuffies stickers are finally, finally here!!  They arrived from Sticker Mule today and they look gorgeous!  YOU CAN ORDER YOURS HERE!!!
I literally have the stickers in-hand!
 I love the heavy, durable and smooth feel of these stickers!  I know you will love them too!

Here you can see them laid out on my production table.

All the Wuffies together as a pack!

I will be sending out the Indiegogo perk fulfillment's right away, and another huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed!  And thank you for your patience as well!  I hope you will enjoy the end results!


Thank you everyone!  I hope you look forward to having more fun with me on this and will help me further develop my Wuffies!

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Wuffies Are Coming!! The Wuffies Are Coming!!

The first Wuffies stickers have been ordered and will arrive after December 13th! :D

And here is what they will look like!

In the end I overrode a couple of the winners as I just wasn't happy with the color scheme of the pack.  It was going away from what I had envisioned, but now I am very happy with their overall look!  Also I decided not to have a vote on the last Wuffie, the Alpha Female, and I chose her design for myself.  She's a lovely mate for Strider!

Once the stickers arrive I will be sending out the stickers to those that contributed to the crowd funding campaign, then these will be available for sale!  I will post them when they are available for purchase!

This is just the first step in the Wuffies series.  I am really getting creative with these guys and have more projects and merchandise in mind for them!  Stay tuned everyone, and thanks so much for your patience so far!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Getting back on track

Hello all!

Summer is (finally) over and the leaves have begun to change here in the US.  It has been an entirely too busy, strange, and hectic Summer for me with several unexpected deadlines and emergencies popping up.  I had every intention of having the Wuffies stickers ordered and on their way to you by the end of July...but life happened.  I have been out of town and away from my computer virtually non-stop since the second week of August, on the road doing our Summer shows such as Minnesota Renaissance Festival and Dragon Con, and before that was dealing with a slew of emergencies and mishaps.  Let me just say I am glad that Summer is -over-.  I still have another show to do with my sister Sandra next week, but after that the Wuffies are GO!!!  I still need to clean up some of the files to make them print-ready, but I will start ordering the ones I DO have ready so that they are in my hands ASAP. 

AND we still have one Wuffie to vote on!  The third female, the Alpha Female, is yet to be revealed!  Once she is ready we will vote on her.  She will be the last Wuffie to be ordered as a sticker, but she will be worth it!

I plan on having all the Wuffies ordered and in the mail to those who have supported the IndieGoGo campaign by the end of October.  After that, the stickers will be for sale here on this blog and on my website!

Thank you all for your patience with this project!  I am hoping that you will love the stickers, and who knows where we can go from here?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hello Wuffie lovers!  Here is the current state of things in the Wuffie world!

We have one more Wuffie to vote on, the Alpha Female! Right now I have her in the works, but at the same time I am actually trying to get caught up a bit on commissions.  I plan to have her ready in a week or so, then we will have the final vote!  Woot!!

The IndieGoGo campaign is over, but we raised enough money to order all six of the Wuffies plus the Wuffie Fase!! Thank you thank you thank you everyone!  I'm so excited!! :D

I am in the process of refining the files so that they are completely print-ready. Once those are done, and once we have a winner for the Alpha Female, I will start ordering the stickers. I will post here and on the blog when I do order, and when they arrive! Once I have the stickers, and everyone who contributed to the campaign gets theirs, then I will start selling these on my website!

That’s all for now.  We will be voting on the Alpha Female soon!

Monday, May 20, 2013

No vote this week

I will be out of town at Phoenix Comic Con in Arizona this coming weekend so there will be no vote this week!  However when I return we will be voting on our sixth and final Wuffie, the alpha female!  I will also begin ordering the stickers when I get back and will post when they are available (finally) for sale!

Thanks everyone ^.^

Winner - Male #3!

And the winner is....


Second Place - Earth Song!

Third Place - Bright Howl!

Winner - Female #2!

And the winner is....


 Second Place - Starry!

Third Place - Autumn Fire!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Male #3 vote!

This will be the Song Keeper of the pack, our little howler!  Who shall it be???

Since the Poll widget here on Blogger seems to be malfunctioning, we will be doing this poll via comments.  Please vote for your favorite of this batch (just one) by commenting below!

Bright Howl

Frost Song

High Note

Earth Song

Song Heart

Thunder Cry
Green Leaf


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Female #2 RE-VOTE!!!

So it appears that the Blogger Widget I've been using to conduct the polls is not working right.  It seems to reset itself every few hours or so.  Because of that the results for Female #2 are inaccurate!

So if you will, please go to the post for Female #2 and leave a comment to vote on your favorite Wuffie for that pose!  One vote only!  Thanks.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Wuffies stickers project so far!  We won't make the goal, but I will still be receiving all of the contributions when the IndieGoGo campaign is over.  As of right now we have almost enough to get three of the Wuffies printed, but how about four of them?  Can we at least get $350 in contributions?  Yes we can!!  Right now there are six days left to contribute!  Please share this with others and see if we can garner a little more interest, and a little more money!  I'd like to at least get four of them printed, so please help us out by sharing and CONTRIBUTING!!! :D 


Monday, May 6, 2013

Female #2

This little female loves to run and frolic!  Who will she be?  This sticker will be 4" X 2".

Please vote on your favorite design for this Wuffie by leaving a comment below!

Autumn Fire


Blue Moon


Sea Breeze



Sun Runner

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This Week's Vote

Quick update for everyone! There will be no new Wuffies to vote on this week as I am currently super OMG busy with a pile of shows right now. We’ll be back next week with new packmembers to vote on!

Winner Male #2

The winner, and the Wuffies alpha male is....



The Runner's up! 
Second Place - Cinder!
Third Place - Aspen!
The runner's up will be up for voting again in the next round of male Wuffies!
Thanks everyone for voting! ^.^

Monday, April 15, 2013

Male #2 - Wuffie's Alpha Male!

This will be the alpha male of the pack.  This sticker will be 4" X 4".  Voting ends Monday April 22nd.
Please vote on your favorite Wuffie for this pose in the right hand column --------------->


Storm Dancer

Night Bone

Fox Fire

Frost Moon


WINNER! Female #1!

And the winner is....


Congrats to the first female member of the pack!

The Runner's Up

Second Place - Autumn Fire
Third Place - Blue Moon

These two will be up for voting again in the next round of females. 

Thanks everyone for voting!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Second Vote - Female #1

Time to vote again!  This time it is for our first female Wuffie!  Which one is your favorite?  Vote in the column to the right ------------->


Petal Wing

Ice Crystal

Blue Moon

Autumn Fire


Winner - Male #1

And the winner is....



The Runner's up!

Second Place - Cinder!

Third Place - Storm Dancer!

The runner's up will be up for voting again in the next round of male Wuffies!

Thanks everyone for voting! ^.^