Saturday, October 5, 2013

Getting back on track

Hello all!

Summer is (finally) over and the leaves have begun to change here in the US.  It has been an entirely too busy, strange, and hectic Summer for me with several unexpected deadlines and emergencies popping up.  I had every intention of having the Wuffies stickers ordered and on their way to you by the end of July...but life happened.  I have been out of town and away from my computer virtually non-stop since the second week of August, on the road doing our Summer shows such as Minnesota Renaissance Festival and Dragon Con, and before that was dealing with a slew of emergencies and mishaps.  Let me just say I am glad that Summer is -over-.  I still have another show to do with my sister Sandra next week, but after that the Wuffies are GO!!!  I still need to clean up some of the files to make them print-ready, but I will start ordering the ones I DO have ready so that they are in my hands ASAP. 

AND we still have one Wuffie to vote on!  The third female, the Alpha Female, is yet to be revealed!  Once she is ready we will vote on her.  She will be the last Wuffie to be ordered as a sticker, but she will be worth it!

I plan on having all the Wuffies ordered and in the mail to those who have supported the IndieGoGo campaign by the end of October.  After that, the stickers will be for sale here on this blog and on my website!

Thank you all for your patience with this project!  I am hoping that you will love the stickers, and who knows where we can go from here?


  1. Sorry to hear your summer was so hard and full of trouble. I hope it follows summer to where ever it goes when its not here and doesn't return.

    Good luck on the show next week. May it go well and be a good cap for the season.

    Happy Halloween!