Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcome to the wonderful, wild world of the Wuffies!

When I was young I dearly loved a certain brand of little plastic toy ponies ; they were the number one toy I played with when as a child back in the 80s.  I couldn't get enough of them, and now with their new TV series I have rediscovered why I loved them in the first place.  They are cute, bright, colorful, and they are each a character with a theme and personality to match.  So much fun!

One day I was trying to convey what I love about these ponies to my roommate Sandra and she said "Well why not a My Little Wolfy or something?"  D:  OMG!!!  It had never occurred to me before.  Thanks Sandra!!!  So I doodled what I thought a "My Little Wolfy" would look like, and inspiration went from there.  Immediately I was struck with the thought that I could do these as stickers!!  They would be so cute! :D  I could set them up like a pack and the fans could choose who gets to be in the pack as they are created!

SO, this is the grand experiment, to create little wolf characters along the same lines as said certain ponies, cute characters with their own personalities and themes, and share them with my fans out there.  We can create them together!

I am simply naming these guys "Wuffies" (omitting the "My Little" in hopes of not being sued :P ).

For now they will be die-cut stickers the same as the Werewolf head ones I did a few months ago.  They’re made from an industrial strength vinyl that’s designed to last. And, they come with a UV laminate that makes them fade, scratch and water resistant.  There will be three males, three females, (possibly more adults?) and possibly three cubs/pups in the main Wuffies pack.

As I create the poses for the main Wuffies pack I will be asking you, the fans, to vote for who the members will be!  I will create several Wuffies for each pose, and once we have a winner for the favorite Wuffie for that pose he or she will be added to the "pack"!

A few of the initial Wuffies posess
I have started an Indie GoGo campaign for this Wuffies sticker project.  There are reward tiers depending on how much you would like to donate, from a single sticker mailed to you, the full pack of Wuffies stickers when they are finished, all the way to your very own Wuffies character sticker, and beyond!  Depending on how the campaign goes there may be more than just Wuffies stickers in the future!  Please click on the Indie GoGo link in the top right column!

Once the campaign is at an end and I have collected all of the donations, I will order the stickers and begin sending them out.

Again, if this sticker thing takes off, and if people love the idea, then I will consider other merchandise for the Wuffies.  T-Shirt designs, posters, keychains, notebooks, mugs....perhaps even toys?  Who knows!  Let's see where this goes and where these Wild Wuffies will take us :3


  1. Ponies,wolfies...Why not? Heck, it could make you millions! What type of goodies would go with it? Ponies have barns and all sorts of stuff and hair that can be combed (girls like to comb long hair)...expand your mind. :D

  2. This.. This is amazing Wuffies sounds badass ^-^